Director ITC & IT Integration Advisor Positions

Director ITC & IT Integration Advisor Positions


Director – Information, Technology & Communications (ITC)

The Ministry of Education is seeking applications from qualified, experienced and motivated professionals to lead and manage the ITC Division. This is a senior position that requires high-level strategic planning experience to lead the Ministry, our schools and providers through technology supported teaching and learning. The Executive Management team is looking for a team-player who will bridge the gap between technology and teaching & learning.

This position will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring systems developed are responsive to meet the changing landscape of education across the Cook Islands,
  • Ensuring quality support is provided to all education stakeholders, and
  • Building on existing learning programmes to integrate technology across the curriculum.

The successful applicant should be able to think innovatively and across the whole sector, liaise with a very broad range of stakeholders, and have the ability to prioritise and manage their time well to lead and motivate their team to meet quality outcomes and overall educational goals. A working knowledge of the Cook Islands Education sector is desired


IT Integration Advisor

The Ministry is looking for a high-quality teacher with technology confidence, a high level of pedagogy and learning design. This innovative role will work with schools and across all curriculum areas to create exciting and next generation learning experiences for all students.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a collaborative teaching professional to join the Ministry and work with the ITC division. This role will commence in 2021 and have a very specific focus on:

  • Building lesson plans and integrating technologies into new and existing units of work,
  • Working collaboratively with teachers ensuring relevant, engaging and contextualized student resources, and
  • Developing teacher technology confidence.

For more information on both exciting positions visit for job descriptions and an application pack, visit Ministry HQ in Nikao, Rarotonga or call HRM on +682 29357.

Applications close Friday 6th November, 2020. Further queries and completed application forms, cover letter, CV with references to be sent to: Director HRM, PO Box 97, Rarotonga, CK or e-mail:

Download Application Below:

Application Form- IT Integration                   Application Form- Director ITC

JD Director ITC (Webb)                                    JD L&T Advisor (IT Integration),18

Salary Incentives for Overseas Recruitment- L&T Advisors,2018

(Note: The JD for the Director’s role is under review and outlines operational responsibilities.  In addition to this will be responsibilities for the IT Integration role.  Please refer to both JD’s when considering this role.)