Sunday, August 18, 2019


Applications are invited from qualified and experienced Principals, Teachers and Education Specialist for the following positions to start in January 2020.

Download Application Pack below:

Application Form – Principal,2019                      Application Form Teacher,2019

Application Form, Guidance Counsellor,2019      Application Form, Learning Teaching Advisors,2019

Referee’s Report – Principal,2019

JD – Principals 2017                JD Teachers, 2017                  JD Guidance Counsellor, 2017

JD L&T Advisor (generic), June17

Salary – Principals,2017                Salary – Teachers, GC,2018       Salary – L&T Advisors,2018

Principal Positions
Northern Group Area Schools ECE to Year 10/11
* Rakahanga School, Rakahanga Island Will suit those with experience working in small isolated atoll communities with a willingness to be involved in the community.
* Omoka School (includes Tetautua School), Penrhyn Is.
Southern Group Area School
* Mauke School, Mauke Is. ECE to Year 11 (NCEA L1) with 65 students
Rarotonga School
*Avarua School ECE to Year 8 with over 480 students
Principal vacancies are due to completion of contracts and involve teaching responsibilities
Rarotonga Teaching Positions Position
Tereora College (8 positions) English (to Senior Level 3)
A Co-ed secondary school that delivers NCEA to Level 3, over 700 students.   Visit school website for further details about the school: State supporting subjects BCITO/Hard Materials/DVC
Hospitality/Soft Materials
Mathematics (Senior)
Science (Biology)
Science (General)
Business Studies / Commerce
School Guidance Counsellor
Titikaveka College English (Y7 to NCEA Level 1)
Takitumu School Primary teacher
Outer Islands Teaching Positions, Southern Group Position
Enuamanu School, Atiu Is. English (NCEA Level 2)
Outer Islands Teaching Positions, Northern Group Will suit those with experience working in small isolated communities with a willingness to be involved in the community.
Niua School, Pukapuka Is. Maths/Science (Secondary)
Niua School, Pukapuka Is. English (Secondary)
Omoka School, Penrhyn Is. Primary teaching
Ministry of Education Position
Planning and Development Division Policy and planning Officer
L&T/HRM Divisions Lecturer/facilitator – teacher training program