Sunday, November 28, 2021



1) Applicants or family members eligible to receive the vaccine MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED in order to travel to the Cook islands and show evidence of being vaccinated. 12 years and over.

2) All travel to the Cook Islands is from Auckland Airport, New Zealand.   If you are not able to travel to New Zealand from another country, then your application WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.  Currently this includes most of the Pacific Islands and Australia.  One must be a NZ passport holder and be able to enter a MIQ facility (booking system) before travelling to NZ.

2)When travelling to Rarotonga from Auckland, you  must receive a negative Covid 19 test within 72 hours of departing Auckland Airport

Applications are invited from qualified and experienced Teachers for the following positions to start in January 2022.

Rarotonga Secondary Teaching Positions

Tereora College, Nikao (Year 9-13 school, offers NCEA Level 1-3)

1) Health and PE

2) Science / Horticulture

3) Technology/ DVC

4) Technology/ Fashion Design Textiles

Visit for more information about the school.

Titikaveka College, Titikaveka (Year 7-11, offers NCEA Level 1)

  • Visual Arts/Technology

Rarotonga Primary Teaching Positions

  • Apii Avarua, Apii Takitumu
  • Apii Nikao (Two positions) (1) Primary    (2) Year 7/8 (Science/Maths)

Pae Enua Teaching Positions

  • Araura College, Aitutaki (Year 7-12, offers NCEA Level 2)

Science with Agriculture (to NCEA Level 2)

  • Niua School, Pukapuka (ECE – Year 11 Area School): Two Positions

1) Primary                           2) English (Secondary)

Teacher Aide (Learner Support) part time: (Submit Updated CV and 3 Referee’s, these positions are suitable for residents.

1) Apii Nikao, Rarotonga                          2) Enuamanu School (Atiu): 2 positions.

For more detailed information on individual positions and an application pack, visit, click on links below or visit Ministry of Education HQ in Nikao, Rarotonga, or contact the Human Resources Management division on Ph: 29357.

Applications close 10 December, 2021.   All completed applications and any further queries can be emailed to

 Download Files Below

Application Form- Teacher,Nov21                                      JD Teachers                                                       

Salary – Teachers, GC

JD Teacher Aide (Learner Support)


  • For all secondary positions state supporting subjects.
  • Teachers are required to have NCEA teaching experience for all secondary schools offering NCEA.
  • Northern Group, Niua School positions suit applicants who are able to live on a remote island with irregular shipping services, live in a traditional Polynesia community with its unique culture and language.
  • Applications acceptance is subject to travel and border control measures in place with NZ due to the pandemic.  (All travel to the Cook Islands is via NZ).


The Government of the Cook Islands, through the Ministry of Education, is now seeking “Expressions of Interest” for Scholarship awards from suitably qualified Cook Islanders and Permanent Residents residing in the Cook Islands.

Domestic Scholarships:

  1. Full Scholarship – This type of scholarship is intended for school leavers including students who are already studying part time and wish to fast track their degree by studying full time.
    • Applicants must have achieved University Entrance and must be able to commit to full-time study
  1. Study Grant – This grant is suitable for those in the workforce who have a good study record and can make a reasonable time commitment to further study.
    • Applicants who are already studying must have successfully completed at least 4 courses with at least a “B” grade average at an approved tertiary institute and the course of study should be pursued here in the Cook Islands even if the provider is located off-shore.

International Scholarships:

  1. Study Starter Pack – This support opportunity is a one off grant for school leavers and mature applicants wishing to travel to New Zealand for their first year of study.
    • Application selection will be based on meeting the scholarship eligibility criteria, primarily that of academic merit (i.e. achieving University Entrance with a 200 rank score)
  1. Full Scholarship (from second year of study onwards) – This type of scholarship is for students meeting the criteria of the Study Starter Pack and those studying privately. Students should submit application by the due date even if they haven’t received their semester 2 results.
    • Applicant selection will be based on meeting the scholarship eligibility criteria, primarily that of academic merit (i.e. have completed a minimum equivalent of one full academic year with at least a “B” grade average).
    • Priority consideration will be given to applicants with higher academic merit and tertiary programmes that compliment national priorities.

For further details please contact Scholarships Advisor, on Ph: 29357 ext 5042 or email

Application forms must be received no later than 28th November 2021, either delivered to the Ministry of Education HQ in Nikao or emailed to email address above.


Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced educators and individuals for the following full time program tutor positions to commence in January 2022:

  • Hospitality Tutor
  • Plumbing

Deliver NZQA National Certificate/Diploma Programmes and may include the Pae Enua.

Applicants are required to have a specialist diploma-degree, an adult teaching certificate or a willingness to pursue further study and some tutoring experience.

Contact Director CITTI, Akaiti Maoate on 57204 or 21471 for further information.  Applications close 12 December 2021. Application form with JD are available online at  Send application form with CV and 3 references to: Recruitment, PO Box 97, Cook Islands; email:

Download Application Files Below (Click on link)

Application Form Island Learning Broker                     Application Form Program Tutor                                     

Salary – Tutors,2017




The Cook Islands have run a pilot programme across four schools on Global Citizenship Education.  The programme introduced our Year 7 – 10 students to the global Sustainable Development Goals and to Te Kaveinga Nui, the National Sustainable Development Plan (2016 – 2020) for the Cook Islands.  Next is to evaluate the programme by looking at where the outcomes are reflected in our own curriculum so the concepts of Global Citizenship Education can be integrated and sustained.

We hope you enjoy our short video, filmed on location at Araura College, Aitutaki.



moe-logoThe logo takes the educational symbol of a book to another level by using simple shapes to form the pages of a book, with the effect of pages turning. The pages are smaller at the bottom and grow larger in the foreground to represent the growth that occurs throughout the lifelong educational journey. Traditional Cook Island patterns have been incorporated into the symbol. ‘Ngaru’ has been used on the outer edge to represent strength and peace. ‘Manu Tai’ has been used to represent the islands coming together as one and a safe journey. ‘Ni’o Mango’ has been used to represent fearlessness and endurance. These three patterns combined help to show that The Ministry of Education arm their people with the tools and knowledge to navigate through life.
The triangular shapes around the edges complement the triangular shapes used in traditional Cook Island patterns.


After fire destroyed classrooms at Tereora College early in the morning of Monday 8th August, the support of the wider community is allowing school to get back underway with only two days of closure to allow for logistics.

A cordon of the top block of the College will remain in place for health and safety reasons and to allow the Police and Fire Service to complete their work. Learning spaces have been made available in the CISNOC and Sports Arena buildings as well as the community clinic. “We will use marquees as temporary classrooms until some of the cordon comes down” said Principal Tania Morgan. “Our teachers and others from the community are all here today helping us to get organized and we look forward to welcoming our students back to Term 3 on Wednesday”.

Gail Townsend, Secretary of Education continued “the response from other government agencies and the wider community has been fantastic in ensuring students do not loose learning time. Yes, we have lost some buildings but schools are way more than the buildings and the way everyone has come together today demonstrates this”.  “I would particularly like to acknowledge the Police and Fire Service for their response last night and CIIC for their immediate support made available this morning”.

The Prime Minister, who is also the Minister for Education and currently in Manihiki, has been fully informed and is confident in the ability of the school to get underway again.



Tekaaroa Adventist School is a primary school (ECE-Y6) of over 70 students in a lovely setting on the island of Aitutaki. We seek an educational leader with vision who will lead and inspire our school in providing quality Adventist Christian education to learners within our school community. Applicants will have proven ability as well as further potential in the areas of curriculum delivery, management and administration and they will possess quality leadership and communication skills. The appointee will be required to accept and recognize the responsibility to maintain and preserve the special character of the school. A willingness and ability to take part in the religious instruction appropriate to the special character of the school is also a condition of appointment.

Applications close 4.00pm Wed 22 June 2016.

For inquiries and an application pack contact John Teao ph 22851 mb 71256




Nukutere College
Cook Islands

Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced individuals for the following position:
HOD Mathematics

Applicants will be required to teach Mathematics (Cook Islands and New Zealand Curriculum) up to Level 1 NCEA. The successful applicant will be managing the Maths programmes from Year 7 to Year 11. Must be familiar with the Numeracy Project up to Year 8. Applications close on the 11 March 2016.
Please submit applications of interest and CV to:


With the announcement of the new Secretary of Education, Gail Townsend, I want to take this opportunity to bid a sad but sincere farewell to everyone who has made my time as HoM for education (6 years and 2 months to be exact) such an enjoyable journey.
During my tenure we have restructured the Ministry twice – once to provide more emphasis on the goals of the Education Master Plan and the second time to accommodate the merger of the Department of National Human Resources Development into our Ministry. This has been challenging for staff but their passion and commitment allowed us to achieve this relatively successfully. NCEA results have grown to such an extent that we now have average pass rates for NCEA above those attained on average in New Zealand schools. Teachers’ salaries have been addressed, particularly the introduction of pay parity across the sector as well

The Challenges have been numerous but the rewards have certainly justified the hard work
The Challenges have been numerous but the rewards have certainly justified the hard work

as a 100% increase in management unit allowances. Professional development opportunities for teachers and principals have been strengthened with increased numbers of teachers now having completed Masters and Bachelors’ Degrees. Teacher training in-country was resurrected and incentives provided to entice more Cook Islanders to return from abroad to work for our Ministry. In the language area we have seen the production of more teaching resources in Cook Islands Maori as well the launch of the online Cook Islands Maori Dictionary. Primary school teachers have received considerable support with the teaching of literacy and numeracy and the success of these interventions is now becoming apparent in the national assessment results. Our principals and aspiring principals have been involved in training in New Zealand and we have developed as a centre of excellence, also providing a range of online learning opportunities for students, particularly those in Pa Enua. We also took over responsibility for the Cook Islands National Commission of UNESCO in 2011 and so the list goes on. We are certainly tracking very well against the targets of the Education
Master Plan and therefore I feel confident that I am leaving the Ministry not only in a strong position but also in very safe and capable hands. The challenges have been numerous but the rewards have certainly justified the hard work and I have been privileged to have the opportunity to work with so many professional, committed and dedicated people who so unselfishly give of their time to provide the very best opportunities possible for the students of the Cook Islands. For the past few years we have been acknowledged as the top Ministry and our unqualified audit reports are a testament to the high quality work that so many of you complete. I feel very strongly that I have just been the conductor of the orchestra – it is each and every one of you who have done the hard work and I am extremely grateful to you all for that.
We have achieved the vision set for education when I took on this role and I believe strongly that it is now time for this Ministry to have a fresh approach. I am therefore delighted that Gail Townsend has been appointed as my successor. She brings the energy, drive and passion that is essential to now move education forward to yet another level, although it is very sad for me to let the reins go. Sometimes though, we need to step aside and let others have an opportunity and the time is right for me to do this. Thank you all sincerely for your support, loyalty and friendship over the years. It has been an absolute privilege to work with you all and I wish each and every one of you the very best that life has to offer.
Kia manuia
Sharyn Paio